Tonight, Van Zant and Bersten are teaming up again in the ballroom for a Trio dance.Van Zant and Ballas are performing a Trio routine with Bersten for their second dance, hoping to make it into the finals.Jake, reading from a book, tells Berta that a vomitorium is a place where ancient Romans could eat all they wanted, throw up, then eat some more.A vomitorium is actually a series of entrance or exit passages in an ancient Roman amphitheater or theater and has nothing to do with either meals or purging. Anyway, I always thought Melanie should have been recognized for her role as Rose at awards shows.His knowledge of construction and his love for the fast paced world of television proved to be a perfect combination for the show.Producers asked him to join the team and Alan spent the next 3 years, as the Senior Project Manager.

Jon Cryer has played the role since the series began in 2003.

Still good soul Charlie accepts to play the poor in-living brother when Alan's first date comes, and so has a farewell dinner with his adoring and unavoidable stalker Rose, who tells him she's leaving for London because of her rich family's business interests.

Jake is pissed at his uncle for not making his ideal tutor stay, Berta feels he's missing out on an ideal mate.

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