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Others hate it for the very same reason – too much writing, and not enough action.I recently reactivated my Plenty of Fish account after years of letting it sit dormant.Many introverts will prefer to stay on their own then even consider dating—much less online dating.This itself can be a shame as introverts can be excellent life partners and introvert/extrovert relationships have been proven to be beneficial on both ends. Introverts give the extrovert a sense of calm and the extrovert nudges the introvert to be a bit more social than they would normally be on their own.Shyness and introversion for the longest time were confused, leaving many introverts feeling as if they were somehow lacking the socialization gene that everyone else seemed to blessed with.

I wanted to see for myself if online dating would really work for introverts.

If you are feeling much more of the former than the latter, don’t lose hope.

The most inspiring victories are won after a slump (think of every football movie ever made).

Likewise, the greatest love stories are given to those who face the most obstacles.

The truth is, if finding your perfect match were easy, you wouldn’t value your relationship.

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The chances are, as an introverted man, you find it easier to talk to people you’re interested in when it’s just the two of you.

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