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Assume for a moment that this form utilizes an imaginary "Product" class that has only two properties ("name" and "price").

This form contains: helper, the path argument doesn't have to be a string; it can be a hash of URL parameters recognizable by Rails' routing mechanism, which will turn the hash into a valid URL. You can read more about the significance of input names in the parameter_names section.

The helper methods called on the form builder are identical to the model object helpers except that it is not necessary to specify which object is being edited since this is already managed by the form builder.

You can create a similar binding without actually creating ## Creating a new article # long-style: form_for(@article, url: articles_path) # same thing, short-style (record identification gets used): form_for(@article) ## Editing an existing article # long-style: form_for(@article, url: article_path(@article), html: ) # short-style: form_for(@article) When you're using STI (single-table inheritance) with your models, you can't rely on record identification on a subclass if only their parent class is declared a resource.

Minor editorial changes, if any, are detailed in the change log and visible in the color-coded diff.

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