Thousand arms dating walkthrough

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(romantic love) games, are a category of videogame that covers several mechanics and demographics.

Other romance novel games they have are Man with the Pearl Earring, Forbidden Love Triangle , Summer Snow ~ First Love, and other games I can't find right now but do exist. Don't be fooled by the innocent looking face of the girl in the picture, all she wants to do is f*ck handsome men without love..though she has a boyfriend -.- And that's where I get turned off.

Still speaking of their Romance Novel games, I have never finished any of them. I'll be into the story and then I get well, I don't have anymore jewels D:! I recommend this game for adults or mature audiences, whichever you reach first x P. I'll read on for a couple of more chapters (maybe) but stories on cheating just hurt my heart and make me question, "love, what is love? What's motivating me to continue playing though, is the comments that scroll by on the top.

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