Tripit google calendar not updating

This is one thing Award Wallet is really good at proactively.

I usually notice that my upgrade cleared through an email from Award Wallet before I ever see the email from US Airways.

And when I change my plans, Award Wallet automatically updates. The huge reason I don’t use Trip It anymore is for the reasons above, I can’t actually trust it.

I’ve used memory as a huge part of my organization method for travel, and all Trip It has done is caused me to question (correct) understands of the plans I had.

For example, in shared trips, a flight segment will appear twice if two people are on different confirmation numbers. Also, email updates and "who's close" notifications are often shared too late, or after a person's trip is over.

Don't worry all traveler profile information is encrypted and locked by your 4-digit PIN .

There's a lot of great benefits to the free Trip It app that you can download instantly to give it a try, but for just a year you receive all the benefits of Trip It Pro and let me tell you, for a mere four bucks a month, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Dave and I travel a lot and most of the time, we aren't very organized with days and dates.

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We always set up a seat tracker asking Trip It Pro to keep an eye out for better seats in emergency exits, bulk heads, and upgrades to premium seats. It tells us what lounges are available at the airport we're flying into, and it offers reviews, gives lounge hours and shows photos.

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